Will Writing Service in St Albans

All too often it is tempting to put off making your Will, mainly because it is a subject many would rather not contemplate, and some feel could tempt fate. After all, what is the point when your loved ones will inherit your estate anyway?

The truth of the matter is that if you die intestate (without having made a Will) your estate will be distributed in accordance with the laws of intestacy, which may be very different to your own wishes. So what about the benefits of making a Will?

  • It is low cost to arrange a simple Will
  • It is a simple and easy process
  • Distribution of estate to your wishes
  • Nomination of people you trust to administer distribution
  • Nomination of guardians for your children
  • Potential reduction of Inheritance Tax liability
  • Arrangement of the paid funeral plans
  • Nomination of who can look after finances if you are no longer able
  • Will storage facility for safe keeping

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