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Financial Planning for your Business

Have you made a Will for your Company/Partnership? Whether you run your own company or you are a partner in a firm, there are several ways of ensuring that the future of the business is financially protected against the loss of life/illness of a Key Person or Director, requesting that the shareholdings of the business remain with the owners of the business, and that the family of the Partner/Director are properly and fairly compensated.

New legislation being introduced requires all businesses, with one employee or more, operates a suitable pension scheme, with various obligations required of the employer to remain within the spirit of this legislation, known as Auto-Enrolment.

  • Corporate – planning for your business
  • Auto Enrolment – implementation advice to companies of new mandatory pension requirements for employees
  • Company Pension schemes – the most suitable pension arrangement for your business
  • Company Investment advice – tax efficient investments for the medium term
  • Partnership Assurance- financial protection should a partner die or suffer a critical illness
  • Share Purchase Assurance- financial protection should a director die or suffer a critical illness
  • Company Wills- ensure the company survives the death of a major shareholder
  • Director Health Protection – ensure the best health treatment and finance available
  • Keyman Protection – ensure no loss of profits to the company in the event of the death or critical illness of key employee
  • Corporate Investments - How to invest company money tax-efficiently over the medium term

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